PBV Updates – March 2021

Dear loyal members

In the month of July we experienced an overall average 75% occupancy which was the best monthly average since we “reopened” after COVID-19.  We are cautiously optimistic that this trend will continue as we watch developments with the various strains and the uncertainties that still surround us.

We are delighted to announce that there is no increase in the maintenance fees for 2022. Shortly you will receive the billing and we look forward to your timely settlement to ensure the continued financial health of the Resort.

The second floor Phase 1 room renovation project has been affected by the present uncertainty surrounding shipping.  As you are aware, a lot of the materials have to be imported and we are constantly evaluating this situation to determine a project strategy that will not jeopardize the unit availability. Will keep you posted on developments.

We once again issue a reminder with regard to redeemed weeks. The rate of redemption is still extremely slow and, if it continues,  we will not be able to satisfy the outstanding number of weeks. Please give this your urgent attention and contact Bianca – [email protected] or Sandra – [email protected] – to share your plans so we can reduce this backlog.

Another reminder that for Saturday to Saturday intervals, we have a week #53 in 2022. Our usual procedure will be in place which is as follows:

  • Members who own both weeks #52 and week #1 are eligible to this week with the payment of the maintenance fee for the particular category of room owned.
  • If you choose to make use of this week, please forward the payment by April 30th 2022 otherwise you are automatically releasing right to week #53, 2022 and the Resort can make use of it in any way it determines.
  • Subject to availability, members who own either week #52 or week #1 can avail themselves of week #53 by paying a special rate. Please call Bianca or Sandra at the Resort for further details or email [email protected] or [email protected].

Please stay as safe and looking forward to welcoming you soon at the Resort. Note that some health and safety regulations are still being observed as we try our best to stay healthy and we encourage you to do your part as well.  

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