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Rules and regulations are necessary to ensure that each member or their guests has a truly carefree, enjoyable vacation at Paradise Beach Villas. Your luxury suite is among the finest in Aruba and we are certain that you will want to assist us in keeping your “Resort home” in the best possible condition so that every member or their guests will receive maximum enjoyment from their suite at the lowest possible annual costs.

Some cool tips you should know


  • Beach service and facilities are open from 7:00am to 7:00pm.
  • Access to Chickees / Palapas is on a first come, first served basis.
  • Registered Paradise Beach Villas members and guests may reserve one (1) Chickee per reservation either at the beach or at the pool daily.
  • There is a two (2) hours policy if chickee/ palapa is left unattended. After two hours our security staff will remove all items and the space will be made available for the use of other members and guests.
  • Itis not permitted to save a chickee / palapa for anyone.
  • Be considerate when playing music at the beach. This can disturb members or guests.
  • Chaise lounges need to be maintained within Paradise Beach Villas beach area and are not permitted at the water’s edge or in the water.
  • The Resort provides safes in the suites and is not responsible for the loss of valuables left at the chikees /palapas.


  • Please contact the front desk at 154 to page the authorized personnel on duty to turn on the grills.
  • These are gas BBQ grills. Never use wood or charcoal in this grill or use gasoline or kerosene to start the fire.
  • Usage of these facilities are at your own risk. Paradise Beach Villas, Owners, Managers and Staff are not responsible for any accidents or injuries.
  • Please clean the grills and the grilling area after each use.
  • Only use products designed to be used with outdoor grills.
  • Please supervise children around the hot grill.
  • Persons under the age of 16 cannot use grill(s) unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Be courteous with your time if others are waiting to use the grills.
  • Management reserves the right to restrict use of the grills at any time.
  • Please make sure all knobs are in the off position before leaving grill area.
  • Report any damage to equipment immediately. Do not try to repair it yourself.
  • When in use, the grills need to be always attended.


Except on Sundays and Official Holidays when a limited service is provided, the occupied suites shall receive housekeeping service consisting of general dusting, trash removal, cleaning bathrooms and a change of towels and linen as required but at least once weekly. Annually, the Resort budgets for a monthly service in an attempt to control pests in our tropical environment. The Pest Control Company advises us that most roaches are brought into the Resort by means of soft drink and beer cases. Sodas and beer are available at the minimart at the Resort but if you purchase these commodities outside, we ask that you leave the cartons in the hallways to be disposed of by Housekeeping.


Members or their guests shall be responsible for any damage to the suite and its contents or common areas within the Resort and shall pay for such damages upon departure. In addition, it is expected that Members or their guests will refrain from littering the common areas including the beach.


Please refer to the Directory of Services located in your suite for direct contact with the Maintenance and Housekeeping departments. Note that contact can also be channeled via the Front Desk. Except for emergencies, maintenance and housekeeping services will be performed during normal business hours.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in the guest rooms and a fine of $250, which can be increased by Management, will be levied on violators to be paid at the Resort upon departure.


Please refer to the Directory of Services located in your suite for direct contact with the Maintenance and Housekeeping departments. Note that contact can also be channeled via the Front Desk. Except for emergencies, maintenance and housekeeping services will be performed during normal business hours.


The maximum number of persons allowed in our suites are as follows:

  • In a studio, two (2) persons;
  • In a one-bedroom, four (4) persons;
  • In a two-bedroom, six (6) persons;
  • In the penthouse, eight (8) persons.
Children six (6) years and older are considered as one (1) adult.
Management reserves the right to request that excess persons vacate the room or, if available, for another room to be used. The cost of this other room will be for the account of the member or guest.
It is required that ALL occupants of suites are registered at the Front Desk. Each occupied suite must have at least one (1) adult of twenty-one (21) years or older as the responsible Member or Guest for the usage of the suite.


No Member or their guests may leave or store personal belongings in the suite at times other than during their respective interval periods. The Resort is not responsible for any belongings left behind by a Member or their guests nor will the Resort store any luggage or other belongings. The Resort will be happy to refer you to storage Companies for this purpose.


It is understood that only the Member or their legitimate resident guests may use the swimming pools and Jacuzzis on the premises and any other recreational facilities provided individually or together with other resident Members or Guests. However, each Member or their guests shall assume full responsibility for any personal injury or property damage that may result from the use of said pools, Jacuzzis or recreational areas. The pools or Jacuzzis may not be used after the posted hours and no bottles or glass is permitted in them or in the other recreational areas. All beverages must be in plastic or paper cups. Rowdiness in the pool will not be tolerated. Members and guests are not permitted to have non-resident guests use the facilities without the knowledge and permission of the Management. Members and /or Guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed to use the pools or Jacuzzis. Drinking of alcoholic beverages is not permitted in the pools or Jacuzzis.
For safety reasons, no glassware is permitted around the pools.
Members or their guests may BBQ in the designated areas only and it is a requirement that they clean up the area after completion.


  • Members and / or Guests shall not verbally abuse or harass any member, staff or Management Staff. In the event of a physical assault upon a staff member or Management Staff, Management shall move to either suspend or withdraw ownership from the Resort. The Resort will not tolerate any form of abusive conduct.
  • Members and / or Guests shall respect the rights of other Members and / or Guests, staff and Management Staff.
  • Members and / or Guests shall not use profane language at any time.
  • Members and / or Guests shall not intentionally damage or remove property that belongs to the Resort.


Check-in time shall be any time after 4.00 PM on the Saturday or Sunday that the interval week begins. Members or their guests are responsible for everything on the suite inventory sheet and must return a signed copy of this document to the Front Desk no later than the morning of the day after check acknowledging that the inventory is complete. Failure to do so may result in you being charged for any missing items.


All Members and /or their guests are requested to complete the check out procedure and vacate their suites by 10.00 AM on the Saturday or Sunday their interval period ends. A timely check out is necessary to facilitate the cleaning and service of the suites before the arrival of the next interval check in. During the week, should a suite be left in a condition that requires more than normal cleaning, this will be brought to the attention of the Member or their guests in person if possible or by letter. If the condition of the suite does not improve, any charges to make it presentable for the next occupants shall be billed to the Member or their guests for the additional labor required and shall be payable upon departure.


The use of and/or trafficking in any type of dangerous drugs is considered illegal in Aruba and jail sentences can be up to ten (10) years. Bail is not known in our laws, and can therefore not be granted. The Resort expects our Members and their guests to abide by the laws of our Country. Please notify Management or Security of any concerns on this matter.


An interval week runs only from Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday. Members desiring different arrival or departure schedules may do so only with confirmation from the Reservations department and, based on availability, will be subject to regular members’ discounted room rates for the period in question. There will be no credit for unused days in the interval period. Occupancy for an interval period will not be allowed if the Member is in financial default (outstanding maintenance fees, special assessments plus any portion of late payment penalties levied). Failure to be current after being notified by the Resort will lead to repossession of the suite.
(This relates to Shareholders and Paradise Beach Villas Members only)


Suites are to be used for vacation purposes only. No noise or other annoying activities, which may interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of others, shall be created or permitted within the suites and / or the common areas of the Resort. The noise level should be kept to a minimum after 11.00 p.m. in order not to disturb other Members and / or Guests. Management reserves the right to evict Members and / or Guests who do not comply with warnings due to disturbances of noise, bad behavior or not complying with the Resort’s Rules and Regulations.
In particular, Members and their guests are expected to exercise control over their children.

  • Any activity that causes undue disturbance is not permitted.
  • Pets are not allowed at the Resort.
  • Under Aruban law, only pedestrian traffic and police vehicles are allowed on the beach.


Contents of the suites should not be removed or repositioned from their original location. Likewise no additions or alterations may be made to any suite. Damage resulting from any such actions will be billed to the interval owner’s account.


The Resort is not responsible for any personal belongings and valuables left unattended in the suites as safes are provided free of charge in all the suites. We ask that you exercise reasonable caution during your vacation and do not leave patio doors open. Additionally, please remember to lock your vehicle and report any suspicious activity to any staff member.


Wristbands have been provided in order to easily identify our in-house resident Members and guests. You are requested to have these wristbands available when approached by our Security.


  • Please keep your patio doors closed to prevent condensation and the build-up of mold in the room.
  • Clothing should not be draped over railings.
  • Do not feed the wild life.

Management of the Resort shall have the authority to enforce these Rules and Regulations and serious and repeated violations could lead to reprimand, suspension or expulsion.


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