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Terms and Conditions

  1. To be responsible for settling any and all the charges related to your stay. E.G. but not limited to: Taxes, Energy and Service charges, Incidentals, and Non-returned or damaged items.
  2. Not to exceed the maximum capacity of the leased or reserved unit whether adults/children/infants.
  3. To appropriately register all guest(s) in the unit with their names.
  4. To abide and make guests abide by the rules, regulations, signs set by Resort in order to promote good order on-premises. This includes all hygienic practices and social distancing.
  5. To check out and vacate the unit by 10:00 am even if for a room change. An automatic late fee will be deducted from my security deposit for non-compliance.
  6. Paradise Beach Villas is not responsible for any personal belongings and/or valuables left unattended in the room. An in-room safe has been provided for this purpose and for further security, a digital code is created by the guest.
  7. Paradise Beach Villas reserves the right to enter a unit with a more than 24 consecutive hours "Do Not Disturb" sign.
  8. Smoking is permitted only in designated smoking areas. Violators will be charged $250.00.
  9. Room charges are not possible on the day of departure.
  10. WIFI service is complimentary for the stipulated maximum number of devices and the access code is issued at the Front Desk on arrival.
  11. As part of our environmentally friendly efforts, folios will be forwarded digitally. Printed copies will only be issued upon request.

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