Tiki Bar and Restaurant – RFP

In response to recent comments on various social media platforms with regard to an RFP for our Tiki Bar and Restaurant which recently appeared in our local newspaper and on the Resort’s Facebook page, here are the background facts to stop the unwarranted speculation, rumours and fake news.

Almost every timeshare Resort in Aruba lease out their Food and Beverage facilities. This is due in large part to the cost of running such an operation – staffing, inventory, control systems, equipment maintenance and taxes to name a few – plus, probably the most important aspect, the competition between what can be considered a plethora of good restaurants in the island. The timeshare owners who come to the island annually patronize their favorite eating places – which incidentally are historically not at their Resort. The Marriott timeshare properties, the Divi properties and La Cabana which are larger properties and have the benefit of not only their owners but a large base of transient (new) guests annually, are exceptions.

Given this as a backdrop and with our physical limitations, the Paradise Beach Villas Food and Beverage operation has been deliberately limited to breakfast, lunch and bar and any profit derived contributes to our overall income which by extension helps to keep our maintenance fees in check. The other hugely significant issue is that in excess of 85% of our total Food and Beverage revenue is generated by our own in-house members. Therefore, when COVID-19 struck – and as you are aware we are still the throes of this pandemic, the resulting shortfall in occupancies lead to a corresponding reduction in revenues and, with no end in sight at the moment, management has a responsibility to look for alternate sources of income.

One such source would be to explore the possibility of guaranteed income for our Tiki Bar and Restaurant facility – hence the RFP (Request For Proposal). This is purely exploratory at this point so we have the facts to help us make an informed decision for our future …. pure and simple …. and, to read any more into this action is premature and causing unnecessary speculation at the stage.

In closing, we are very cognizant of the value of our staff and the contribution they add to your vacation experience annually. They are totally aware of this situation which they fully understand and rest assured that their well-being features prominently in any decision that is taken.

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