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Dear Members,

Great news! In spite of unfounded rumors, we are delighted to share the details of the redemption of weeks that were affected by the travel bans imposed in an effort to control the spread of COVID-19 as visitors from the USA will be allowed entry into Aruba – under certain specific conditions – effective July 10th 2020 and here are the latest conditions.

Aruba still intends to open borders with the USA on July 10th 2020. However US states with a high incidence of COVID-19 cases will only be allowed entry if they provide proof of a negative test result PRIOR  to traveling to Aruba and will NOT  have the option of taking a test in Aruba. This stipulation will apply to residents of the following US States:

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

The proof would need to be submitted via the  ED Card website.

For residents of all other US States the  previous rules  remain applicable in that they will be allowed to take a test in Aruba – at their own expense – should they not be able to take the test and upload the results prior to their trip to Aruba.

Read the  official notification of this new condition for entry sent by the Civil Aviation Department of Aruba to all aircraft operators.

While the situation is easing, it is still evolving and we sincerely thank those members who have been patient, understanding, cooperative and supportive in the circumstances and look forward to welcoming them back to the Resort in the near future.

The plan outlined below is made with the best interests of our members and the Resort in mind and we invite you to review the COVID – 19 Update #3 dated April 8th 2020 where we shared the conditions under which we would be able to redeem affected weeks – especially as it relates the Resort’s ability to generate additional income and it is appropriate that we reiterate the following comments from that post “…. Our maintenance fees (which currently rank among the lowest 25% category on the island) are subsidized by additional revenues we receive: concessionaire income, energy surcharge, administration fees, Food and Beverage revenues, Sales income – and by far the highest contributor- rental income. We have been able to negotiate guaranteed rental agreements for some of our inventory in the summer and we also get most of our hotel room rentals at this time of the year. From the above list of revenue contributors, the financial contribution of rental revenue alone accounts for approximately $300,000 annually that we will forego to accommodate the redemption of internally switched weeks ….” Therefore, if the ability to generate additional income is impacted, it will affect the maintenance fees.

In extremely trying circumstances, Bianca and her team have done an outstanding job to get us to this point and the next step will be matching your requests to the available inventory. Please understand that approximately 1,300 units are impacted. The keys to get us past this point will once again be your patience and flexibility – for which we thank you in advance.

  • Persons affected from week #11 (when the Aruba travel bans were imposed) to week #27 (when travel from USA to Aruba was allowed again) can internally switch their weeks and there will be no fees.
  • For these members, we will start from this year (2020) with the intention to have it completed by 2023 – i.e. the remainder of 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.
  • The specific time frame in the above-mentioned years will be between week #17 to week #49.
  • Redemption is subject to availability.
  • We will send an email to the impacted members asking for their preference and prompt response. We will follow up with a telephone call if necessary.
  • Priority of redemption:

Members who were affected who own weeks #11 to week #27.

Members who, prior to April 03, 2020 (i.e. before COVID-19) we had already confirmed switched or upgraded weeks. Those members had paid the relevant transaction fees but could not come due to the local travel bans imposed.

Members who had already banked their weeks prior to April 03, 2020 will be allowed to redeem the week(s) under the same previous conditions – i.e. a) subject to availability; b) within a two-year time span.

  • The above applies only to bona fide current members who are up to date with their financial commitments.

Because of the volume of weeks from the above which we have to redeem in the limited time frame, owners whose week(s) start after the opening date of Aruba’s borders (i.e. after week #27) but who cannot use their week(s) are recommended to deposit their week(s) with Interval International.

We have shared the following information already but it is worthwhile to share it again as it is important:

A link for general information on travel to Aruba – safe-travels-to-aruba

Medical insurance coverage is now required to enter Aruba. This is vitally important so please visit for detailed information:

Queries or concerns can be directed to

We also ask you to familiarize yourself with what your State at home will need you to do once you return from Aruba. This is also vitally important.

Visit our website – – and, if you have not done so as yet, please familiarize yourself with the main new procedures at the Resort in the Updates section posted on June 19th 2020.

In connection with these new procedures, we have added a Pre-check in” form which is accessible on the main page. We recommend that you complete at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to arrival so that your check-in time at the Resort is minimized.

Stay safe and healthy, and once again, masha danki once again for your patience and understanding. Let us know how we can assist and see you soon!



Dear Members,

We would like to advise you of the following development on the island which affects our final decision relative to the handling of weeks affected by the Government-imposed restrictions on travel to Aruba.

The date was July 10th 2020 was announced as the “re-opening” date for visitors to Aruba from the USA but, the spike on positive COVID-19 cases in the USA caused the Government Authorities to review this decision. Additionally, on the island, after nearly two (2) full months of no new cases, in the past week we now have three (3) new positive cases but the death toll thankfully remains at (3) and only two (2) persons are in quarantine at the time of writing.

At the moment, we do not know what the Government’s decision will be but we have been advised that it will be forthcoming next week at which time, we will let you know. What we do know however, is if the travel bans are extended, this will obviously affect (increase) the number of weeks to be redeemed which means a revision to our plans.

As we need to get a realistic sense of what our occupancy will be like – starting with the rest of this year, Bianca and Sandra have already begun contacting our members whose weeks were affected on a sequential basis – beginning with week #11.

Once again, we thank you for your patience in this situation and meanwhile, as we await this critical information from our Government, and in the absence of any new mandates, please note the following information which is needed for travel to Aruba.

  • Here is a link that has general information on travel to Aruba –
  • Medical insurance coverage is now required to enter Aruba. This is vitally important so please visit  for detailed information.
  • Queries or concerns can be directed to
  • We also ask you to familiarize yourself with what your State at home will need you to do once you return from Aruba. This is also vitally important.
  • Visit our website – – and, if you have not done so as yet, please familiarize yourself with the main new procedures at the Resort in the Updates section posted on June 19th 2020.
  • In connection with these new procedures, we have added a “Pre-check in” form which is accessible on the main page. We recommend that you complete at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to arrival so that your check-in time at the Resort is minimized.

Stay safe and healthy, let us know if we can assist further and, when you get a moment, please click on this link for a small token of our appreciation as we wait to welcome you back to Paradise.

A very safe and healthy July 4th holiday from the Paradise team! Keep checking our website and we look forward to seeing you soon again!


As we continue to navigate these difficult times, it is important that we pause to unselfishly appreciate our past good fortune, work on improving our present situation while we anticipate a positive change in our future fortunes.

From your entire Paradise team, we extend a simple, sincere and warm “Masha danki” to those of our loyal members who have been patient, understanding, supportive and encouraging. It means a lot to us and this video is just a small expression of these sentiments.

While we await critical additional information from our Government related to travel from the USA into Aruba, we ask you:

  • Visit our website – – and, if you have not done so as yet, please familiarize yourself with the main new procedures at the Resort as explained in the Updates section posted on June 19th 2020.
  • In connection with these new procedures, we have added a “Pre-check in” which is accessible on the main page. We recommend that you complete at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to arrival so that your check-in time at the Resort is minimized.
  • Here is a link that has information on travel to Aruba –
  • Medical insurance coverage is now required to enter Aruba. This is vitally important so please visit the page: for information.
  • If you have any queries or concerns, please contact
  • We also ask you to familiarize yourself with what your state at home will need you to do once you return from Aruba. This is also vitally important.

Stay safe and healthy, let us know if we can assist further – and remember to click on this link Paradise Beach Villas YOUTUBE CHANNEL for a small token of our appreciation as we wait to welcome you back to Paradise.

Keep checking our website and we look forward to seeing you soon again!


Dear members,

Following are the details of a Press Conference held by the Government of Aruba on June 10th as it relates to plans to reopen Aruba’s Borders for travel.


Please click on the image below to read about THE HEALTH REQUIREMENTS and for more detailed and very important information.


Aruba’s borders will open gradually.

  • June 15, 2020 :- Bonaire and Curaçao.
  • July 1, 2020 :- Europe, Canada, Caribbean (except Dominican Republic and Haiti).
  • July 10, 2020 :- USA
  • No opening date yet for Central and South America.



  • Online ED card is mandatory.
  • ED card includes:
    • Self Health Declaration form.
    • Obligatory COVID insurance. Insurance would cover costs of quarantine/isolation accommodation and medical care when required. Cost is estimated at $15 per day.
    • Option to upload negative COVID19 PCR test result of test taken within 72 hours of travel OR payment for testing upon arrival on Aruba. (Testing prior to travel will be encouraged). Tests are required for 12 years of age and older.
  • Masks required during flight.



  • 100% Thermal camera screening.
  • Symptom screening.
  • PCR rapid test mandatory for all that did not upload the negative test via ED card. Tests are required for 12 years of age and older.
  • Visitors (with no symptoms) await result of test for 24 hours in quarantine at their hotel.
  • Visitors with symptoms get a 1-hour test. If positive they will be sent to designated isolation property. If medical attention is required, they will be hospitalized

Local Residents are also required to take test prior to entry or at arrival.If the resident refuses to take the test, 14-day quarantine is required. Government does not encourage travel to affected countries.



Next sectors to register for re-opening will be introduced soon: Tour Operators and Water Sports, Casinos, and Spas.


Dear members,

COVID-19 is now part of our reality for the foreseeable future and even with potential cures, the question now is how do we best live with it. With Aruba’s huge dependency on Tourism, all business and social aspects on the island’s issues continue to be affected but, at the time of writing, we have no positive cases on the island. This medical stability has allowed us to slowly relax the internal Government-imposed sanctions to contain COVID-19 as we try to restart the local economies and expand locally as we continue to implement safety plans for wider opening prospects.

The reopening to international travel is critical for us to make a decision on the affected weeks which will depend on the total number of weeks in question. We thank you for your continued patience and especially the members who are willing to work with us – one member even offered a donation to our adopted baseball team – and we are happy to share some quotes.

ER emailed “Due to the travel ban UA cancelled my flight and so I will not be able to use my week this year. Use my maintenance fee to keep the Resort afloat. God willing I will be able to come to Paradise next year. Stay Safe.

Email from BW “With all that has taken place so far… we know that we will not be traveling to Aruba for our designated week in September. But thinking about the challenges that the Resort must be facing I am gifting you my week for 2020 to the benefit of the Resort. I know it’s not a lot… but as they say… ”Every little bit counts!” I hope that this (added with hopefully a lot of my fellow members doing the same) will help keep PBV in good financial shape …. We are saddened to know that we will not be visiting our “home away from home” at Paradise in Aruba in 2020… but we look forward to being able to visit in 2021!

We have read the PBV COVID-19 Updates on your website and completely understand the unprecedented issues this pandemic has placed on the Resort. No one could have ever anticipated or have had a plan in place to address such a catastrophic occurrence. We have a week banked from 2018 and, of course our regular time for this year. If it is helpful to PBV, we will gladly relinquish both weeks this year and look forward to returning to PBV in 2021. We so much enjoy visiting Aruba, with the PBV staff playing a major role in our enjoyment. We feel blessed to be members and look forward to many more good times there.” Email from another BW

The entire Paradise team sincerely thanks the above members for their kindness, understanding and willingness to assist and also to all other members who have called to convey similar sentiments. It would be remiss if we did not mention members who contacted us to say a special hello to the staff and to wish them well during this difficult period – and even offered some financial assistance if it became necessary. These expressions reflect the true Spirit of Paradise! We are very proud of you and once again humbly express our thanks.

There has been much speculation but no definitive date has been set for our borders to be reopened for the return of international travel. Meanwhile at the Resort, we continue our preventative maintenance and deep housekeeping projects and, as we get closer to receiving our guests again, our focus is to introduce specific protocols in each department which we will share with you when they are finalized. These protocols are in keeping with the WHO, International and local Hospitality standards and imposed by the Aruba Ministry of Health.

Some of these standards are:

Social distancing all around the property

More sanitization, cleaning procedures and protection procedures

More digital communication

This is new for all of us. We will be delighted to have you at the Resort once again but we ask that your play your part in maintaining the established protocols which will benefit us all.

We will take advantage of the lull in occupancy to complete the room renovations of the third floor of Phase 1 – and many members have already seen the model room. This project will be from August until September and mainly features new floor and patio tiles, new kitchen and living / dining room layout, new kitchen cabinets, new bathroom ceilings, new air quality units, new drapes, new metal balcony doors and improved lighting. We also plan to modernize the hallways.


  • Please let us know if you will be using your week. This is always important but at the moment, this is even more so because of the renovations to Phase 1 and the need to relocate members whose rooms are bring refurbished. We solicit your cooperation and urge you to advise us as soon as you have made your decision.
  • New check in time is at 5 p.m. and check out time is at 10 a.m. This time is needed as we implement the new cleaning COVID-19 protocols, we are forced to extend the check-in time so that the rooms are properly serviced and sanitized.  We understand that you want to get settled as quickly as possible – and so do we – but I am also sure that you also want to enjoy a properly cleaned and sanitized room – and so do we.
  • Please update your email contact information with the Resort. This is becoming more and more important as we transition to more digital forms of communication.
  • We remind you of the special needs service offered by Essential Health Supplies, a Company which rents supplies like – crutches, toilet accessories, scooters, wheelchairs and much more – to visitors. They are located across from the Hospital which is close to the Resort, they are available on weekends and they offer complimentary delivery on any rentals. For further details, you can visit their website at, email them at or call them at (297) 587 0940 or (297) 563 0415. Listed on their website, for the convenience of our American members, they also have a US contact number at (786) 245 8093.
  • We also remind you of the Community outreach programmes we are currently involved in. The first one is the One Happy Community initiative where you can make a financial donation to help the kids in after school activities and the second one is Sharing is Caring where you can leave non-perishable food items and clothing which are donated to the needy in our Communities.  The Front Desk agents will be delighted to furnish you with further details and we thank you in advance for your contributions to these most worthy causes.

Stay safe, practice healthy habits and remember we are one day closer to the change of fortunes and we look forward to seeing you on your next visit at the Resort.


The entire Leisure industry – traveling public and related organizations – is tentatively venturing into a whole new world which is governed by several protocols to ensure the safety of the destination and the people – the travelers, Resort staff and any other personal contact.

While “Happiness” continues to be the dominant theme of our island, in keeping with International and Industry standards, Aruba joins the rest of the world in establishing specific regulations for ALL establishments – including the accommodation sector – which adds “Health” to the broader spectrum of the holiday experience. Resorts that fully comply with these regulations will be awarded a seal of approval – aptly called the Health & Happiness Code. Paradise Beach Villas shares this commitment and below are the main changes in compliance with these directives. We ask you to play your part by following the policies that have been established for your own wellbeing and that of fellow members and staff.

  • Social distancing – maintaining at least a 6 ft. space between persons – is enforced island-wide.
  • You will notice the adjustment of operational procedures aimed at minimizing contact to prevent the possible spread of the virus.
  • More aggressive cleaning procedures in high touch areas throughout the Resort and changed cleaning practices in the suites. Hand sanitizers are available in the public areas and you are requested to make use of them and / or wash your hands properly and often.


  • Prior to arrival, we will contact you to let us know if you will be coming and if so, for pre-registration to reduce the length of time and interactions at check in.
  • Check-in time is now at 5 p.m. and check-out is at 10 a.m. to allow for Housekeeping to properly service and sanitize the units between occupants. It is also anticipated that as a result of the more protocols and checks, additional time will be needed at the airport prior to departure.
  • The preferred method of payment is by credit card instead of cash.


  • Tables will be more spread out and the menu has been revised. Take out, room service is available and dining around the pool is encouraged.
  • You will be required to sign in so we have a trace in case this becomes necessary in the future.
  • The preferred method of payment is by credit card or room charges instead of cash.


Rooms will be service three (3) times weekly consisting of replacement of towels, soap and tissues plus garbage removal. Please call the Front Desk when you will be out of your unit and Housekeeping will schedule service during that time.

PUBLIC AREAS – where social distancing practices should continue.

  • Use of elevators are restricted to 2 persons sharing the same room at a time
  • Only persons occupying the same room only are allowed together under the palapas poolside and at the beach
  • Access to the Gym will be done by contacting the Front Desk and Security will be contacted to let you in. Two (2) persons are allowed at any one time for a time limit of ½ hour. Please wash your hands prior to and wipe down the machines before and after your workout.

Here is part of the latest Press Conference delivered by the Prime Minister and the Department of Health on June 1st 2020.

Prime Minister:

  • On Monday, June 8th, Kindergarten and Elementary schools are allowed to fully open;
  • Protocols are being finalized so all sectors can be in compliance;
  • Official date for the reopening of the border has not been made yet, and will be announced when appropriate. Government is making sure protocols are in place to ensure a responsible decision;
  • There is no guarantee that there will not be new positive cases. Therefore the Government needs to carefully determine next steps;
  • Community is urged to be disciplined with the physical distancing and hygiene measures, to lower risk for Aruba.

Department of Health:

  • All advice received, including from The Netherlands Health Dept, is that it is safe for kids to return to school;
  • The risk for imported cases is present once our border opens, both from visitors as well as residents that will travel. Entry protocols will apply to both;
  • Residents that choose to travel need to take responsibility for their safety;
  • Aruba is better prepared now to handle cases after border opens. There are measures that DVG (Department of Health) can recommend to the Government prior to requiring a second lockdown.

Continue to stay as healthy and as safe as you can in the circumstances and we will keep you posted as the situation unfolds.


Dear members,

Trust you are staying as safe and healthy as you can in the circumstances while we continue to deal with the effects of COVID-19 and below are the details of the Prime Minister’s latest update – which was on April 28th – which address on-island activities but you will note that it does not address the lifting of the travel ban and, with a 2-week stretch in between each phase, baring anything going wrong, this takes us up to the end of June.

Two main issues to consider:
1)These reports come out in Papiamento (or Dutch) so we have to have it translated into English – which obviously is easier for our members; 2) the Government websites are only being updated after a few days. However, we are trying with our webmaster to see how we can best create a link directly from one of these sites to our website when the updates have been translated – so our members can follow what is happening.

As of May 1st 2020, the active COVID-19 classes have reduced to 17 (from 25 as stated in this report).

Update as of April 28th, 2020

COVID-19 Update

  • 100 positive
  • 73 recovered: therefore 25 active cases
  • 1549 negative
  • 1649 tested
  • 29 in quarantine
  • 2 deaths
  • Hospitalized: 2 in ICU and 2 in isolation

Reopening Phases:

  • Will start opening certain sectors in 4 phases, with 2-week trial periods for each
  •  Businesses that are allowed to open in each phase have to enforce:
    • Maximum persons inside establishment (new max in each phase)
    • Physical distancing (1.5 meters)
    • Strict hygiene
    • Stores/Supermarkets to use shopping carts to keep customers away from each other
    • Alcohol based sanitizer to clean hands of customers at entry
    • Hand sanitizer available in establishment for customers
    • Sanitize POS, ATM’s, and carts regularly/between customers (chlorine-based/70% alcohol)
    • Customers with symptoms can be requested to leave the establishment (and advised to get tested)

Phase 1 starts on May 4th: Maximum 15 persons allowed inside
Phase 2: Maximum 50 persons allowed inside
Phase 3: Maximum 125 persons allowed inside
Phase 4: Fully Open

  • Phase 1 (May 4th) businesses allowed to open: Clothing stores, Jewelry stores, Food trucks, Museums, Small/Medium commercial and residential Construction projects. Plus all that were already allowed to be open and do not appear on non-essential list.
  • Construction: Contractor must apply for permit at DOW for project and get badges for each worker. Individuals hiring people to do small jobs also must apply for a permit. As of May 4th can apply for permits, and work can start on May 6th.
  • Not allowed to open: shopping malls, bar & nightclubs, restaurants (only takeaway and delivery), Bakeries (takeaway and delivery OK), Hair salons, Spas, Gyms, all recreational activities with exception of museums.
  • Government services will reopen with personnel capacity of 25% in Phase 1. (Phase 2 at 50%, Phase 3 at 75%, Phase 4 at 100%).

At the Resort, mainly the Housekeeping and Maintenance departments continue deep cleaning and preventative maintenance projects in the rooms and public areas. We are currently waiting specific instructions from the Government and collaborating with other Resorts as to any operational changes we will have to undergo e.g. more Food and Beverage room service as opposed to sitting close together in the Restaurant; a glass shield at the Front desk between the FD agents and arrival and departures; social distancing between check ins and check outs; more cleaning protocols in the rooms and public areas – like public bathrooms, elevators, gym etc.

We are just waiting eagerly for the travel bans to be lifted and the airlines to start coming in ….. although we have been warned that this will begin very slowly and even by December this year we anticipate only 55% hotel occupancy. We know the timeshare owners are probably more eager to get back to Aruba than the transient travelers – but that depends on many unknowns at this time – e.g. the number of air seats available, their own economic situation, the confidence to travel internationally in the present circumstances, the cleanliness protocols and “healthiness” of the island and how it has dealt with and continues to deal with COVID-19 on the island, how to keep the Resort staff safe and healthy in the circumstances etc. etc.

Stay safe and healthy and we will be in touch!


We will post an update when there is something significant to share with you so we encourage you visit our website periodically to get the latest information.


Dear Shareholders

We trust that you and your loved ones are doing as well as can be expected in the present circumstances and, like the rest of us, eagerly looking forward to an end to the ravages COVID-19 and to some state of normalcy even though there may be some adjustments to be made personally and professionally.

Please note below the results of the recent poll of the candidates to serve on the Foundation Board as replacements for the three (3) existing Board members whose term of office will expire.

  • Al DiGiovanni – 362 votes
  • Marie Slaats – 186 votes
  • Zina Hassell – 180 – votes


  • John Konefal – 168 votes
  • Stefano Rosic – 140 votes
  • Tony Avila – 103 votes
  • John Park – 50 votes

In offering heartiest congratulations to the winners, we sincerely thank all the candidates who were willing to devote their time and expertise in the interest of furthering the Resort and last but by no means least, to the Board members who are at the completion of their terms – Dennis Hullmann, Fred Noemer and Gus Anglin – for their tireless efforts to help the Resort reach its present stage.

Masha danki to everyone!