Dear Members,

Regretfully the Corona virus – COVID-19 – and the uncertainty it generates has forced itself into our lives and while the future is unclear at the moment, one sure thing is that for the foreseeable future, business will NOT be as usual. On the island we are still coming to grips with the various changes and, while settling into the new norm, we are looking forward to upswing in the overall situation. You may have been following the developments on the island from various sources but we will continue to give you highlights of the situation at the Resort and on the island.

  • As a consequence of the current situation, the renovation for the Phase 1 rooms will not commence in May as originally scheduled and we are currently evaluation second timeframe as well. We will advise you of our decision when we have reached it.
  • We now have an automated “telephone operator” directing you to the various departments.
  • Before the closures forced by COVID-19, Paradise Beach Villas joined other Food and Beverage establishments on the island which have stopped the use of plastic straws as part of our collective continued “greening” efforts on the island.
  • Results of the ballot for replacement Foundation Board members are coming in and will be announced at the appropriate time. Related to this issue, we would like to correct erroneous information that was recently posted on Facebook stating that one of the candidates, Al di Giovanni, does not own shares. This is totally incorrect and Mr. di Giovanni is a bona fide shareholder in the Foundation. If the name sounds familiar, he is the son of the late Al and Lee di Giovanni who rescued the Resort from the previous bankrupt developer and set it on its current path.
  • We are currently working on an app for smart phones to keep members digitally up-to-date with Resort happenings all year round. Efforts are halted because of COVID-19 but will share more on this as it develops.
  • On March 11th, families Winners, Stanbro and Schow sponsored their annual cookout for all the employees of Paradise Beach Villas for the fourth consecutive year. A heartfelt, sincere “Masha Danki” to them from the entire Paradise team ….. again …… for this beautiful gesture.
  • Please update your email contact information with the Resort. This is becoming more and more important as we transition to more digital forms of communication.

Stay safe and practice healthy habits. Be positive and even though things are difficult at the moment ….. this too shall pass ……. look forward your next visit to Aruba and Paradise.