Letter to Shareholders and Members


Letter to Shareholders and Members

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To The Shareholders and Members of
Paradise Beach Villas

I just wanted to take a few moments to reassure each of you that your Board of Directors is working closely with the Managing Directors to hold the Resort together during these trying times. As everyone is aware, the Island is closed and the airports around the world and in Aruba are closed. We have moved ahead in an optimistic manner hoping that the travel bans would be lifted and that we would only have a few hundred vacation weeks to reschedule. Now that the “stay at home” order has been extended another four (4) weeks it has generated 300+ additional weeks to be reallocated. We ask for understanding, patience and support as we work through this issue. We have reached out to Interval International (I.I.) to try to develop vacation alternatives for our members, but this too would require PBV to make Weeks available to deposit into the I.I. exchange program. Please read the Managers’ updates which are posted on the website. They provide more detail on the availability of weeks and explain the Budgetary impact of the loss of our room rental income.

We have retained a skeleton crew at the Resort and we are rotating staff so that our lifelong, dear friends can continue to have some semblance of a paycheck. We have post-poned the Phase 1 Renovation Project until we can better assess the impact of the closure. The Board has asked the Managers to pursue maintenance projects, to the extent possible and allowable under Aruba’s guidelines. The Department Heads have submitted lists of projects that can be undertaken from painting, to re-grouting bathrooms, to servicing the air conditioning in each of the rooms. The following is an abbreviated listing of those projects:

VillasBedding has been stripped, washed and put away in plastic bags to protect it from contamination. The kitchens including appliances and utensils are receiving a deep cleaning and the appliances will be maintained.

Tiki Restaurant – The kitchen, bar and storeroom are receiving a deep cleaning. Structural repairs are being made and the structure will be repainted.

Pool Area – The pool coping is being repainted. The pool pump houses are being reconfigured and the pump houses are being repainted. Chairs and Chickees are being thoroughly cleaned.

Building Maintenance – The new Phase 1 building rooftop chiller is on site and is being replaced. Phase 2 rooftop chiller valves are being replaced. The Phase 2 rooftop is being cleaned and a protective coating is being applied.

All of this is being done to ready Paradise Beach Villas for its reopening and your welcomed return. Thank you to the Staff and Management for taking care of our “home away from home”. Whether you are a Pediatric Nurse, or you own a company that supplies Italian Food to grocery stores, we thank each of you for all that you are doing for us and ask that you stay safe until we see you again – in Paradise.

Dennis B. Hullmann, Chairman