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For your convenience, here are answers to questions about Paradise Beach Villas Ownership during the last year. Click each question to open the answer box.

While there are many different types of timeshare usage, Paradise Beach Villas is a “fixed week fixed unit” Timeshare Resort. This means that owners occupy the exact same unit in the same week each year.

The actual dates for the specific week are NOT the same every year. Please check the calendars posted on our website for the exact dates which applies to your owned week before making travel arrangements.

Occasionally there is week #53 which affects members who own both week # 52 and week #1. This requires an additional maintenance fee payment for these weeks and those members affected will be notified in advance. Members who own week # 52 OR week #1 may request use of week #53 and will a special rate.

One of the main benefits of Vacation Ownership is the possibility to visit a different Resort in other destinations. In such a case, the member will be required to make an exchange with our Exchange partner Interval International, who offer exchange for possibilities the membership Unit/Week(s) here at Paradise Beach Villas. Arrangements for exchanges will be handled directly with Interval International – who can be contacted at 1-800-634-3415. Please note that one of the specific regulations is that the member must be current with all financial obligations at the Resort. Please contact Interval International to make arrangements.

If for some reason you cannot come to Aruba to use your unit/week, you can request the Reservations Department to schedule a different time in the same year, depending on AVAILABILITY. The unit size remains the same, but the unit number may not. 

Yes. For switching in the same year and within the same season, the cost is US$ 100.00.  

To switch your unit/week to another week in the following year within the same season, the cost is US$ 200.00. 

Dial (011) 297-525 4000; send a fax by dialing (011) 297-587 0071 or through the “Contact Us” page on this website.

If in the year of usage, you are unable to use your unit/week(s) then you may ask the Reservations Department to bank/save your unit/week. In this case the unit/week can be held for up to two (2) years which is the year in question and the next consecutive year. We require a minimum of 60 (sixty) days prior to the starting date of the week(s) to accept a week. Subject to availability, this time can be adjacent to the time that you own, or it can also be in a different time that year.

Paradise Beach Villas will always award the member the best possible choice of unit/week(s) that are available in that time. If required, an upgrade may also be requested when redeeming your banked unit/week(s).

When member chooses not to use the unit/week in a given year, the member may 1) decide to allow a family member or friend to use the unit or 2) enter a private rental agreement with a third party. In any of the above cases, the member must make prior arrangements with the Reservation Department and also give the user a letter of authorization.

A member may also use the in-house rental program but must contact the Reservations Department to complete the necessary documentation. The minimum time frame to rent a week is ninety (90) days prior to starting date of the Unit/Week(s) you own.

Permanent change can be made with the Sales Department. These changes can be made to a different time, a different location, or a larger unit. These changes are only possible when the existing inventory is available and there are some costs involved with these requests.

Members with queries directly related to their membership are asked to contact us using our form.


If you cannot find the answer to your query in this section, please contact us at [email protected] 

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