COVID-19 – Banked weeks


COVID-19 – Banked weeks

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Dear Member,

We are in unprecedented times and coronavirus (COVID-19) is wreaking havoc not only from a health perspective, but also on our economies our Resort operations and has also caused grave concerns for the immediate financial wellbeing of our associates. With no definitive timeline for an end, we ask for your patience and understanding as we deal with the several unique and unforeseen issues that may arise.

One of those current issues is how to handle the weeks for owners who are financially current and were ready to take their annual vacation to Aruba and use their week but were prevented by the sudden changed travel regulations. At the moment, we are inundated with requests from members who fall into this category but also even for some members who own weeks as far in the future as June and July and we are working on a realistic solution. In this regard, we once again ask for your patience and understanding as we try to work out a feasible solution.

Our first target are those members of week #11, week #12 and week #13 (March 14th 2020 to April 5th 2020) who were affected by the travel restrictions and it was too late for them to bank their week(s) with the Resort or deposit their week(s) with Interval International (I.I.) For those specific members we can:

Bank their week(s) with the Resort or the Resort can assign a week to be deposited with Interval International to be used somewhere else but please bear in mind the following:

We are a sold-out timeshare Resort and this situation is occurring during the High Season when we have no available inventory. This means that the possibility of redeeming your banked week(s) with the Resort during this time in the future is virtually impossible with no available inventory. Therefore, assume that the situation is normalized by next year, if all the members who banked their week(s) this year want to redeem it / them next year by extending their stay at this same time, we cannot do it because we literally do not have the inventory available. Consequently, all we would have done would have been to offer a promise to our owners that we could not live up to which will only end up extremely frustrated and upset members. However, even with the available inventory we have in the summer, it will never be enough to redeem the number of weeks that could potentially be banked.

Therefore, to deal with this reality, we will extend the period of banking for up to three (3) years in an effort to give the system time to satisfy the load.

If affected members have the flexibility to travel at different times of the year when we have inventory available, we will advise of those available time slots and we will waive the switch fee that is normally charged. In these cases, in order to avoid making promises that we are unable to fulfill, we have to impose a limit of one hundred (100) annually on the number of switches we can realistically offer and this is based on a first come first served basis.

Once again, to resolve this issue, flexibility and patience will be the keys.

Deposit the week with Interval International

For those members who would are unable to wait for a possible redemption period of up to three (3) years as mentioned above, we are prepared to work with our exchange partner Interval International for them to deposit their week(s). However, please be reminded that in this scenario, there is no guarantee that that the exchange will be back to Aruba or Paradise Beach Villas – but at least, the week(s) is / are not lost.

We know that many members never exchange to other vacation destinations and consequently never had the need for affiliation with Interval International (I.I.) As part of the last renewal deal with I.I., you may also recall that a two-year complimentary membership for all our members of our Resort was offered. If you are an I.I. member, an option would be to deposit your week with them and redeem it later. If you need our assistance with this Bianca or Sandra will be more than willing to assist as they usually.

We are currently in touch with I.I. – and the issue of non-members will be part of the discussion. We are awaiting their proposal so we can share their plan of action with you as soon as we receive it.

Rent the week

This is an option but in the present climate, with the current lockdown on travel to the island for visitors, this may not be viable.

At the moment, there is no indication as to when this situation will be normalized but we know that the air travel to Aruba will not resume prior to early May. Therefore, our advice for members is:

  • This is specifically for those members whose travel plans have been impacted by travel and health restrictions as a result of COVID-19.

  • Consider the option of depositing your week(s) with Interval International because of the limited available inventory at the Resort and the time when we have that availability may not be suitable.

  • Many of you have emailed Reservations at the Resort and we are handling these requests at the moment at a rate of over 100 per day. We ask you to be patient we will get to you. Please be aware that we still have members at the Resort and we are dealing with flight concerns, more general issues than normal with many facilities closed, staffing, Government-imposed curfews which shortens work time, the more stringent health procedures we have to abide with etc. etc. Therefore, please be patient.

  • For travel later in the current High Season or for the coming Summer, please give us early notice whether you are able to travel to Aruba or not. We understand that while you may be willing, the airlines or there may still have restrictions on the island – so we ask you to be realistic even if you are disappointed.

  • Exchange your week for an available week at the Resort in the summer months. This once again stresses the need for flexibility – if at all possible – as mentioned a few times previously.

We recognize the uncertainty caused by this pandemic. It is a new development for you and it is also new for us. We look forward to your understanding, patience and cooperation as we try to resolve this together.

The Management and the Board of Directors