Banked Weeks Suspension


Banked Weeks Suspension

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Dear Members,

As a result of the extended COVID-19 shut down of the island beyond what was expected, we regret that we are forced to suspend all internal banking/switching of weeks at the Resort effective today, April, 3, 2020.  This applies to requests made for weeks owned beyond the weeks we identified in the March 21st, 2020 communication. The high volume of requests that have been made outside the above weeks are beyond what the Resort has weeks available for use.

The requests accepted so far will be honored primarily based on the above range of weeks identified.

We realize this is a difficult decision and not may not be popular for many reasons.  Unfortunately, the negative impact of this pandemic, the ongoing uncertainty plus the lack of available of weeks for banking use (we are >90% occupancy) leaves us no other viable business decision. These are events totally outside of our control.

Our promise is that we will continue to re-evaluate our options to serve you, our valued owners and extended family, in the best way possible.  We will communicate honestly and timely should events change such that we have viable solutions to offer.  We trust you understand that the circumstances have hampered our ability to satisfy the current demands and capabilities of the Resort and we sincerely appreciate your continued patience and understanding as we work through these difficult times.