Month: May 2020


Dear members,

Trust you are staying as safe and healthy as you can in the circumstances while we continue to deal with the effects of COVID-19 and below are the details of the Prime Minister’s latest update – which was on April 28th – which address on-island activities but you will note that it does not address the lifting of the travel ban and, with a 2-week stretch in between each phase, baring anything going wrong, this takes us up to the end of June.

Two main issues to consider:
1)These reports come out in Papiamento (or Dutch) so we have to have it translated into English – which obviously is easier for our members; 2) the Government websites are only being updated after a few days. However, we are trying with our webmaster to see how we can best create a link directly from one of these sites to our website when the updates have been translated – so our members can follow what is happening.

As of May 1st 2020, the active COVID-19 classes have reduced to 17 (from 25 as stated in this report).

Update as of April 28th, 2020

COVID-19 Update

  • 100 positive
  • 73 recovered: therefore 25 active cases
  • 1549 negative
  • 1649 tested
  • 29 in quarantine
  • 2 deaths
  • Hospitalized: 2 in ICU and 2 in isolation

Reopening Phases:

  • Will start opening certain sectors in 4 phases, with 2-week trial periods for each
  •  Businesses that are allowed to open in each phase have to enforce:
    • Maximum persons inside establishment (new max in each phase)
    • Physical distancing (1.5 meters)
    • Strict hygiene
    • Stores/Supermarkets to use shopping carts to keep customers away from each other
    • Alcohol based sanitizer to clean hands of customers at entry
    • Hand sanitizer available in establishment for customers
    • Sanitize POS, ATM’s, and carts regularly/between customers (chlorine-based/70% alcohol)
    • Customers with symptoms can be requested to leave the establishment (and advised to get tested)

Phase 1 starts on May 4th: Maximum 15 persons allowed inside
Phase 2: Maximum 50 persons allowed inside
Phase 3: Maximum 125 persons allowed inside
Phase 4: Fully Open

  • Phase 1 (May 4th) businesses allowed to open: Clothing stores, Jewelry stores, Food trucks, Museums, Small/Medium commercial and residential Construction projects. Plus all that were already allowed to be open and do not appear on non-essential list.
  • Construction: Contractor must apply for permit at DOW for project and get badges for each worker. Individuals hiring people to do small jobs also must apply for a permit. As of May 4th can apply for permits, and work can start on May 6th.
  • Not allowed to open: shopping malls, bar & nightclubs, restaurants (only takeaway and delivery), Bakeries (takeaway and delivery OK), Hair salons, Spas, Gyms, all recreational activities with exception of museums.
  • Government services will reopen with personnel capacity of 25% in Phase 1. (Phase 2 at 50%, Phase 3 at 75%, Phase 4 at 100%).

At the Resort, mainly the Housekeeping and Maintenance departments continue deep cleaning and preventative maintenance projects in the rooms and public areas. We are currently waiting specific instructions from the Government and collaborating with other Resorts as to any operational changes we will have to undergo e.g. more Food and Beverage room service as opposed to sitting close together in the Restaurant; a glass shield at the Front desk between the FD agents and arrival and departures; social distancing between check ins and check outs; more cleaning protocols in the rooms and public areas – like public bathrooms, elevators, gym etc.

We are just waiting eagerly for the travel bans to be lifted and the airlines to start coming in ….. although we have been warned that this will begin very slowly and even by December this year we anticipate only 55% hotel occupancy. We know the timeshare owners are probably more eager to get back to Aruba than the transient travelers – but that depends on many unknowns at this time – e.g. the number of air seats available, their own economic situation, the confidence to travel internationally in the present circumstances, the cleanliness protocols and “healthiness” of the island and how it has dealt with and continues to deal with COVID-19 on the island, how to keep the Resort staff safe and healthy in the circumstances etc. etc.

Stay safe and healthy and we will be in touch!


We will post an update when there is something significant to share with you so we encourage you visit our website periodically to get the latest information.