Month: October 2019


October 2019

Dear Members,

As we enter the last part of 2019, for your information, here are the most recent significant developments at the Resort.

We are still working on the details of plans for Phase 1 room and hallway renovations to be funded out of our capital reserve funds. Will share further details as they unfold.

We have installed push button controls to activate the bubbles in the outdoor Jacuzzis. Located next to the signboards, users simply need to press the green button. One session lasts for ten (10) minutes and just press the green button again for another session. We ask you to observe the rules for use especially with kids. We have also installed another ladder for easier entry and exit to the Phase 2 pool.

Plans for Phase 3 continue to be on hold awaiting further communication from the Government.

Thanks a million for your support of the Sharing is Caring programme with non-perishable food items and items of clothing and also the Happy Community Aruba with financial donations. Both of these community-outreach programs help to assist the needy in our community and your continued donations are greatly appreciated!

The expansion of the Resort laundry is complete and we are now doing all our room linen internally. Not only has this resulted in operational savings but also now we have total control of our inventory.

We have installed wind shields by the BBQ grills as can be seen in the image below.


The beach road directly in front of the Resort in nearly complete and is now bi-directional. The road closest to the ocean will become the linear park designed for physical activity.

We encourage you to pay your 2020 maintenance fees on time so we can continue our Resort upgrades and also take care of our operational commitments.

In accordance with our Statutes, the terms of office of three (3) members of the Foundation Board will expire in 2020 and consequently we will be seeking replacements. Next month, we will be sharing more details and please note that only shareholders within the Foundation are eligible.


Check in time is at 4 p.m. and check out time is at 11 a.m. Please respect the system of Housekeeping priorities which start with the internal room moves and we ask you not go on the floors and pressure the housekeeping staff into disrupting their routine just to service your room. Of course if your room is available earlier will assign it immediately on arrival. We understand that you want to get settled as quickly as possible – and so do we – but please adhere to the check in times.

Please update your email contact information with the Resort.

We remind you of the special-needs service offered by Essential Health Supplies, a Company which rents supplies like – crutches, toilet accessories, scooters, wheelchairs and much more – to visitors. They are located across from the Hospital which is close to the Resort, they are available on weekends and they offer complimentary delivery on any rentals. For further details, you can visit their website at, email them at or call them at (297) 587 0940 or (297) 563 0415. Listed on their website, for the convenience of our American members, they also have a US contact number at (786) 245 8093.

Please let us know if you will be using your week. If you are current with your financial obligations, you have the options of 1) banking it with the Resort; 2) banking it with Interval International or 3) placing it in the rental programme which can benefit you financially and at the same time possibly fulfill the accommodation needs of another member. Internally we can also do some preventative maintenance in the suite …. so PLEASE advise us.

As usual it has been a pleasure to update you on the most recent developments at the Resort, thanks once again for your tremendous support in helping us successfully reach our 25-year milestone and we look forward to seeing you on your next visit.