Month: July 2019


July 2019

On July 1st 2019, we celebrated 25 years of operation under Bougainville Development N.V. with a gala affair which included specially invited guests, Board members, shareholders, members and employees. We are working on a separate posting of the event to be placed on the website and on our Facebook page. It is appropriate to remember the sterling contribution of the late Lee and Al di Giovanni who were instrumental in building a solid foundation on which we now stand and also the late Claire Bothwell, who was the President of the Foundation Board from its inception until her recent passing.  We also recognize the contributions of Foundation Board members Jim Pritsiolas and Fred Noemer who have served with distinction since the inception.

It is also appropriate to make special mention of all the original shareholders, subsequent members and employees who have all collectively contributed to the Paradise Beach Villas success story.  Masha masha danki!

While on the contribution of employees, in July 2019 we say farewell to three (3) colleagues who have collectively given forty-nine (49) service years to Paradise Beach Villas. They are Jessica Robles de Medina, our Credit Manager who handled all issues related to our maintenance fees and membership queries for the past twenty-one (21) years; Willy Panopio our popular Pool and Beach Supervisor who many of you have personally met over the past twenty-one (21) years and finally, Casimiro Irausquin, a lesser known but equally important staffer who was our Head Cashier for seventeen (17) years and whose responsibilities covered maintaining our internal administrative systems. A huge “Thank You” to them all for their exceptional contribution to our Resort and we wish them well as they transition into their new endeavours.

We are delighted to share tentative plans for Phase 1 renovations which will include a change of balcony doors on the top floor, replacement floor tiles, a new kitchen layout and new drapes. Simultaneously, we will work on the hallways. Later in the year we plan to do a model room which will determine the specific scope of work and the timing of the project and we will share these details with you when they are more concrete.  This project in being funded entirely from our capital reserve budget and will be spread over a few years due to our high ownership occupancy and the need to relocate members while the project is in process.

For fiscal year 2020, there will be an overall 3% increase in maintenance fees to handle Government-mandated increases in the land tax and the minimum wage and also to keep building our capital reserves.

Plans for Phase 3 are still on hold until as we await further information from the Government.

Over the past few months, many of you are aware of and have contributed non-perishable items to the Sharing is Caring programme. This was the first phase of the Happy Community Aruba initiative spearheaded by the Aruba Timeshare Association and our sister timeshare Resorts. The next phase of the project is now complete with the installation of a booth in the main lobby where you can also make a financial donation which assists the needy in our community.  We will be happy to share details with you on your next trip and thanks in advance for supporting this most admirable cause.


Check in time is at 4 p.m. and check out time is at 11 a.m.  Please respect the system of Housekeeping priorities which start with the internal room moves and do not go on the floors and pressuring the housekeeping staff into disrupting their routine just to service your room.  Of course if your room is available earlier will assign it immediately on arrival.  We understand that you want to get settled as quickly as possible – and so do we – but please adhere to the check in times.

We remind you of the special-needs service offered by Essential Health Supplies, a Company which rents supplies like – crutches, toilet accessories, scooters, wheelchairs and much more – to visitors.  They are located across from the Hospital which is close to the Resort, they are available on weekends and they offer complimentary delivery on any rentals. For further details, you can visit their website at,  email them at or call them at (297) 587 0940 or (297) 563 0415.  Listed on their website, for the convenience of our American members, they also have a US contact number at (786) 245 8093.

Please let us know if you will be using your week.  If you are current with your financial obligations, you have the options of – banking it with the Resort, banking it with Interval International or placing it in the rental programme which can benefit you financially and at the same time fulfill the accommodation needs of another member.   Internally we can also do some preventative maintenance in the suite …. so PLEASE advise us.

As usual it has been a pleasure to update you on the most recent developments at the Resort, thanks once again for your tremendous support in helping us successfully reach our 25-year milestone and we look forward to seeing you on your next visit.