Month: April 2018


On Thursday, March the 28th, Paradise Beach Villas had its quarterly Staff Meeting. This events are a possibility for the management to bring the staff up to date on all things and decisions that might affect the organization, the employees, our guests, etc. It is also a festive moment, since Paradise gets to celebrate anniversaries at PBV.

This time there were 3 Angels that were at the center of the spotlight. In all 3 casess they have been at PBV 20 years already.

First up is Jessica Robles de Medina. She is part of the very effective and hard working Accounting Department, run by Freddy Albertus, the co-Managing Director/Financial Controller. Having been here for so long, she has gone through the trials and tribulations of PBV and come out of it shining like a star.

Next up, Walter Mohamed, Grounds & Safety Manager, had the honor to introduce the next anniversary and it was none other than the ‘world famous’ Willy Panopio. Walter showed how proud he is of the work that Willy does, every day. Everyone who has been coming to PBV for many years knows the story of Willy and how he has been an integral part of the resurgence of Paradise.

Last but not least, Jeanette Kaersenhout, Assistant Manager Housekeeping, introduced one of the gems of Housekeeping: Flor Rodas. Flor is known to be very meticulous in her work. In the meantime Alex Krozendijk, Manager Housekeeping, and Jeanette rely on her to train new colleagues. If these colleagues are able to pass Flor’s intense introduction training, you just know that they are able to live up to the PBV Housekeeping Standard.

Present was also a very proud Andy Osbourne, co-Managing Director/Operations, who explained how incredible it is to have people who stay so long at the same work place. It shows the level of the work environment.(Tip: We will have a 25 years anniversary next year. Stay tuned!)

After he customary placards and closed envelopes were exchanged, there were just some small in-house items to be discussed. After that there were snacks and cake and some soft drinks arranged for everyone, courtesy of the indomitable combo of Jealda Damian, F&B Manager, and Jessica Velazques, Assistant to the F&B Manager, also known as J & J Productions.

Everyone enjoyed a few nice hours together. And after the closing of the meeting, what did all the angels went to do? yups, you guessed it: back to work to pamper our Members & Guests.