Additional Rooms Notification





March 5th 2018

Dear Members,

As we continue our efforts to solidify the operational and financial base for your home away from home, we would like to share the following information relating to an opportunity that has presented itself to the benefit of Paradise Beach Villas.

As a shareholder, you may recall that in the original plans, there were to be three (3) buildings i.e. a Phase 3.  However, this was never realized because between the two buildings (Phases 1 and 2), the Resort had reached the maximum amount of rooms legally allowed for the size of our property at that time.  However, with the recent increase in accommodation construction on the island, the relevant zoning (building density) regulations have been amended and those changes now allow for additional rooms on our property - and the within the footprint of the original Phase 3 building is an option to be evaluated.

This is the background on which we are basing our current thinking for the purpose of making our Resort operations more secure for the future and the concept of additional rooms is not new. The present reality is that 1) our original membership is aging, 2) the costs of day to day operations is continually increasing, and 3) the vacation ownership product is constantly evolving. Management and your Board are constantly seeking ways to safeguard your investment in the Resort and to control operational costs. In our case, now that we have the opportunity, we should evaluate it fully and take advantage of it if in the long range it would be beneficial to Paradise Beach Villas.

We are aware of the ambiance of the Resort and it is not our intention to have this drastically changed. We are also fully cognizant of our financial history and rest assured that we will not make any decision that undermines the progress we have made.  In light of the challenges we face, we are aiming for a solid financial base for the future of our Resort which includes sound capital reserves and the “lowest” possible annual maintenance fees.

We have engaged the services of a reliable Consulting Firm to work with the Management and the Board to prepare a feasibility study that will indicate the viability of the project by analyzing aspects such as: the configuration of rooms; number of rooms; capital building construction costs; projected future operational costs; funding possibilities; and other relevant factors that need to be considered for such a project.  Based on the results of that study, the Board will then be in a position to properly inform you of any plans going forward.  

Rest assured that we will continue to look after your best interests in any development concerning Paradise Beach Villas.  We will provide updates at the weekly Members Meetings at the Resort and we will post updates to the Paradise Beach Villas website as the situation unfolds.

The Management and Board.

J.E. Irausquin Boulevard #64, Oranjestad, Aruba,Dutch Caribbean.
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